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When an exceedingly precious gift was made in Ancient China, it was often the essence from which the rare perfume, Kobako, is derived. Today, Kobako perfume, so subtile, so seemingly remote, yet so persuasive to the senses, is the exquisite, thrilling gift in a bottle of Chinese design.

Kobako de Bourjois, created in 1936 by Ernest Beaux, perfumer of the famous Chanel no. 5; is a version of an ancient Oriental perfume... The original essence is sultry, insinuating, primitive... But this piquantly French interpretation gives it the light touch which lets you be all three while preserving your sense of humour.

Kobako de Bourjois is a chypré floral fragrance for women. A true tribute to beauty, femininity and elegance, which perfectly enhances natural charm and casual subtlety. Precious like the heavy silks with the tones of Coromandel, warm and tenacious,  flowery with an acuity of tangerine, subtil and and suggestive like a haÏ-kaï; a perfume that could be said to be spiritual.

The top notes are Citrus, Cinnamon and aldehydes. The heart notes are Rose, Jasmine, Iris, Magnolia, Lys and Gardenia. The background notes are Civet, Amber gray, and Musk. When traveling, pack this compact size bottle so won't take up much room in the bag, but it will provide ample fragrance for the trip away. Offering convenience and ease of use for women with busy lifestyles, this versatile scent can be worn throughout the day and reapplied as needed.

1.7 FL.OZ. signature spray bottle. Made in France

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